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What Free Range REALLY Looks Like | Food: What Goes In Your Basket? S01 E05 | Fresh Lifestyle

Jay Rayner and Ravinder Bhogal have discarded the cardboard wrapper and peeled back the film to find out what really goes into the food we eat in a bid to make us all more savvy shoppers in Food: What Goes in your Basket? In this exciting, up to the minute and dynamic studio show, they will be busting food myths, examining fair-trade fairness and trying to get to grips with misleading food labelling. The pair get their hands dirty with a no-holds barred investigation into what we eat, exposing the outrageous amounts of salt, fat and sugar in our food and finding the healthiest junk food restaurants on the high street. Then the focus is on us, the enormous amount of food we consume and the staggering amount we waste. Jay will be looking at one of foods biggest issues, sustainability, making the controversial suggestion our food is too cheap and looking at who pays the price for our bargain baskets. Ravinder Bhogal looks at what we eat, where it comes from and what happens to it to make sure it looks appetising when it hits the supermarket shelves. Anna Richardson will be focusing on the issues that vex us in the aisles; does an organic egg mean the chicken had a happy life? Does ‘finest’ on the label guarantee quality and do we really want to know how many calories we’re consuming when we eat out? Fast-paced and hard hitting, Food: What Goes in your Basket? will change the way you eat.

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