“Watt’s World” Show Open – Le Marche, Italy and Slab City, California

Host Nick Watt visits two very different places that make him question if he could ever leave the city behind and live a simpler life somewhere away from it all. He begins in Le Marche, Italy, a tranquil region in the Italian countryside experiencing a typical day in the life of Giles, one of his close friends who moved there nearly 10 years ago. Watt is surprised to learn that social rules do exist if you want to fit in – never drink cappuccino after 11:00 am, you must buy groceries before 2:00 pm before the market closes, and there’s a mandatory naptime and an evening slice of pizza. While a change in pace and beautiful scenery sounds luxurious, he decides he could never live by a rigid schedule day after day. Watt has also heard rumors of a patch of desert land in California, called Slab City, west of Palm Springs where hundreds live rent-free and law enforcement tends to turn a blind eye. He loads up an RV with all the essentials and heads to the former military training ground with the only directions being “turn right at the power lines and look for the bonfire.” He’s welcomed by Balu, a drifter and pillar of the community, and is introduced to other “Slabbers” during his stay, including a group of retirees that moved to Slab City because it’s a cheap and a very fun way to spend their twilight years. This resonates with Watt. He could never retire in Le Marche and abide by the many rules; however the lawlessness of Slab City had a calming effect; and he concludes that he could retire there once his kids are grown (though his wife may not agree). New episode premieres Monday, June 30 at 10:30pm ET/PT.


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