THIS IS WHY YOU MUST UNSUBSCRIBE; let me explain. Youtube is a platform where a select group of Creators have dedicated subscribers that support their content regardless WHAT they upload and then you have “THE RESTt”

The rest will support what they choose to support and it has very little to do with the Creator but more so resides within the content created.

However, as a Creator we have an obligation to OURSELVES to be true. If you do not have the passion for what it is that you are creating, you’ll slip into the YouTube void and will forever remain, lost.

This channel was never meant to be a one dimensional food review channel for it did not start out that way. It was a variety channel FIRST with Ghetto News Network aka (GNN – Circa 2008) and then Food took over. That is when I slipped into the YouTube void and stayed there for MANY YEARS by my own doings.

The only reason Creators never emerge from the void is in part of the money that comes with the void and also the people. We as Creators would love to think that we can make everyone else happy, when it turn we are mostly sacrificing our own happiness to do so.

Why do you think so many public YouTube Relationships fail?

Sure, many thrive but once the claws of the system take hold of you, they will rip apart Families, Friends and even Lovers all in the name of CONTENT for MONEY!

So here is the deal, should YOU choose to accept it.

If you want NOTHING BUT FOOD REVIEWS, I am uploading those on my Facebook Channel, the same place where all of my food reviews are getting the views anyway:… and the BEST part about it, they are all short because currently the Facebook format heavily supports shorter videos whereas here on YouTube, long form videos are considered CONTENT KINGS! The longer you can keep a viewer engaged and on this platform, the more your long form videos will get pushed out there. (The YouTube Trade-Off)

Or you can take the usual approach that many love and just UNSUBSCRIBE because I chose MY OWN HAPPINESS over living my days out in the YouTube Void aka Pit of Despair.

The future of this channel is clear: I am going back to ENJOYING what I upload and it will not be FOOD every single day.

I am going back to investing in myself and having fun. For the select few that understand where I am coming from, THANK YOU and I will see you all on the other side of this video!!

For the rest of you that were only here to watch Food Reviews and nothing else from a Creator, I thank you for your time here be it a few days and or YEARS (On and Off) and I definitely understand if you need to UNSUBSCRIBE but the truth of the matter is, I am going back to creating content for those that simply enjoy rockin’ with ME; Daymon Patterson vs just the food.



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