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PATTANI, THAILAND (ปัตตานี) – Welcome to Pattani, very far south of Thailand! I was thrilled to have a chance to visit and I immediately loved the people and the incredible food. In this video, we’re taking you on a Thai Malay street food tour of Pattani to eat 5 of the most incredible and iconic dishes that you have to eat when you’re in Pattani. #Pattani #Thailand #streetfood

Here’s all the information for this Pattani street food tour:

1. Roti (โรตี) at Roti Wema (ร้านแวมะโรตี) – 95 thb total – This is one of the best local places to eat roti in Pattani, and for a very good reason. Their recipe is down to a science, perfectly crispy on the edges and gooey in the center. I loved the egg roti the best, with a next of an egg in the center.

2. Khao yam / nasi kerabu (ข้าวยำ) at local breakfast market – 20 THB – You’ll find khao yam (ข้าวยำ), or nasi kerabu in Malay, around southern Thailand. But the original taste and for me the best, is in Pattani. The budu (fermented anchovy sauce) is outstanding, and paired with the rice and herbal salad blend, it is quite honestly sensational. Yaseen took me to a local breakfast market to eat one of the best packets of khao yam in Pattani City, and it was exquisite.

3. Nasi dah-gae (นาซิดาแฆ) / nasi dagang (นาซิดาแฆ ร้านอาหาร) – – 20 or 30 THB – Another Malay dish I can’t get enough of is nasi dah-gae (นาซิดาแฆ) as it’s called in Pattani Malay, or nasi dagang in Malaysia. It’s a combination of fenugreek rice, fish curry, egg, and some other toppings and ingredients, and I love it. This corner shop makes what is the gold standard of nasi dagang in Pattani and it’s a perfect breakfast. Something you have to eat when you’re in Pattani.

4. Gai galae / Ayam golek (ไก่กอและ) at (ร้านไกฆอและ-กะเมาะ) – 270 THB for everything – – Next up is another favorite of mine, known as gai galae (ไก่กอและ) or ayam golek – a stylee of grilled chicken in a coconut milk bbq sauce. The sauce is so rich and thick that it’s almost unbelievable, and they make the real deal here – adding four coats of sauce while grilling so all the coconut milk caramelizes onto the chicken. It’s lifechaning.

5. Sate (สะเต๊ะ) and rojak at ร้านสะเต็ะศรีเมือง ( – 30 thb per plate- Finally to complete this Thai Malay street food tour in Pattani, the last dish you have to eat is Sate (สะเต๊ะ), likely Indonesian influenced, grilled over charcoal, and smothered in peanut sauce.

And that completes this Pattani street food tour, hope you enjoyed it and don’t miss any of these amazing street food dishes when you’re in Pattani!

Huge thank you to Yaseen from Yes I Go for taking me around on this street food tour:

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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