Tom Brown | Calgary artist makes the coolest, smallest things you’ve ever seen | Alberta, Canada

Have you ever seen a meal prepared in a fully functioning miniature kitchen? Tom Brown, a Calgary-based artist and miniaturist, makes the coolest, smallest things you’ve ever seen. Seriously. But his work isn’t limited to culinary creations. He’s crafted tiny dart boards, guitars, tools, you name it.

Brown’s journey into the world of miniatures began as a child, when he was gifted a pocketknife. He quickly learned to whittle, which led to attending art school and now full-scale performance art. But Brown didn’t intend to become a performance artist, at least not in the traditional sense. A naturally shy person, Brown uses his miniature kitchen and the food he whips up in it as a way to connect with people – much like a full-size version does.
Watch the video to learn more about Brown’s journey and see his miniature creations in action.

(remember to breathe)

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