The ULTIMATE Malaysian Street Food Road Trip – BIGGEST BBQ Chicken FACTORY + STINKIEST CURRY TOUR!!!

This is Part 1 of 7 of our ULTIMATE East Coat Malaysia Road Trip!!! I hope you’re pumped for this series!!! Today, we’re bringing you in DEEP for 3 incredible street foods as we drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Termeloh, Malaysia to try the local street food!
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Today, as we make our way for our FULL ON Malaysian street food road trip, we’re bringing you to 3 very unique locations. As we leave Kuala Lumpur, we are first stopping in Bentong, the land of durian and also a very famous rest stop for street food.

First up, we’re bringing you to a unique street food called Lemang which is a sticky rice filled bamboo soaked in coconut milk! It’s so delicious and it’s served with extremely delicious Malaysian chicken and beef rendang!!
►Shop name: Lemang Toki, Bentong

And next up, we’re making our way to Termeloh, the land of durian ikan patin tempoyak, a fermented durian catfish head curry! It’s definitely one of the most unique street foods in the world!! We are bringing you to 2 different street food shops for Ikan patin tempoyak.

The first one is a claypot version. We are going into the kitchen to watch the traditional Malaysian street food recipe of the durian Ikan Patin Tempoyak. It was super interesting to watch!!
► Found at: Restaurant Claypot Patin Tempoyak

And next up, we’re bringing you for another version of Ikan Patin Tempoyak – the BBQ grilled fish version!!!
► Found at: Go’bang Maju Patin Tempoyak


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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