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The Smoke Series 1 Episode 7 (Taron Egerton, Jodie Whittaker) | British Drama | Full Episodes

Tension culminates as never before along the firemen, now the transfer to the country is about to come through. Helping recover a corpse lost from a speeding hearse proves even more hilarious, like rescuing a drunk man caught with his head in a litter-box. Everything has to wait when a spilled chemical tank starts a huge fire in a busy tunnel. Hell-bent to redeem himself, Asbo gets wounded badly trying to evacuate Kev’s ex Trish, who was a passenger in her abandoned, mentally handicapped daughter Grace’s adoptive mother’s car.

An experienced fire fighter is badly injured and spends almost a year recovering at home. Now he returns to work, but is he as emotionally and physically sound as he thinks he is?

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