The Dimsum Place Fisher Mall Quezon Avenue Quezon City by

The Dimsum Place Fisher Mall Quezon Avenue Quezon City. When we first passed this restaurant we thought it was Tim Ho Wan the Michelin starred restaurant from Hong Kong. Having a closer look it is The Dimsum Place which is a dimsum restaurant franchised from mainland China! Obviously they completely took the look and dishes of Tim Ho Wan and replicated, imitation after all is the ultimate form of flattery. The verdict is from the dishes we have tried Dimsum Place is a very decent Chinese dimsum restaurant just a notch below Tim Ho Wan which is overrated to begin with. The #1 dish you need to try here is the Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp – absolutely amazing and way better than Tim Ho Wan. The baked BBQ Pork Bun is still better at Tim Ho Wan as the pastry is fluffier while the Xiao Long Bao was miniature compared to Lugang, Shi Lin or Suzhou, but was soupy nonetheless.

The Dimsum Place
3rd Floor Fisher Mall
Quezon Avenue Quezon City
Tel: +632 287-7256

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