Thai Street Food – Pla Pao (Roasted Fish) at Central World Street Food Stalls in Bangkok!

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One of the best things about visiting Bangkok is taking advantage of the incredible array of Thai street food available. It’s nearly everywhere you look and it’s mostly quite sanitary, affordable, and most importantly, it’s incredible delicious. There’s Thai street food all over Bangkok and throughout the entire country. One of the most popular shopping areas in the city is known as Pratunam, an area that’s just a short distance from Siam shopping area and just a short walk from Central World mall. Everyday, thousands of pedestrians pass this little stretch next to Central World and for that reason, there’s an abundance of wonderful street food available. Starting at about 5 pm each day, there are a series of full Thai street food restaurants that set up just outside of Central World shopping mall in Bangkok. The place that I ate at in the video goes by Ratchaprasong Thai Food (ราชประสงค์ ไทยฟู้ด). They specialize in mostly Isaan cuisine from the northeaster part of the country, but they also have some other stir fried Chinese style dishes as well. But when I go, I mostly go with an intent to eat a few of the items off the grill!

Plan chon pao (ปลาช่อนเผา), or roasted snake head fish, is the top reason to visit these street stalls. The grills are absolutely packed with this ugly, yet tasty creatures. To prepare them Thai style, the fish is first stuffed in the mouth with lemongrass and herbs and then rolled in a thick layer of salt. The fish is then slow roasted on open charcoal as it slow cooks. The result is a flaky fish that’s a gem of Thai street food. Served with a seafood sauce, called nam jim seafood, it’s amazing. The fish is flaky and remains moist and flavorful from the cooking process. I also tried their grilled chicken, known as gai yang in Thai. It was indeed flavorful, but my only complaint is that it was slightly dry. However, that’s just sort of the way street food may be, some pieces of chicken might be dry and others nice and moist. Lastly, now Thai meal on the street like this would be complete without a helping of green papaya salad. I asked for it spicy, and they didn’t fail to load it with spicy chillies. Made with fresh ingredients, the green papaya was crisp and mixed with a tomatoes, dry shrimp, chillies, garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce, and lime juice. It was excellent. Along with the other dishes, I also enjoyed a few plates of Thai sticky rice to bring the meal together!

Sitting on the side of the busy road and with countless pedestrians that walk past every minute, Ratchaprasong Thai Food (ราชประสงค์ ไทยฟู้ด) doesn’t have the greatest ambiance. But it sure is convenient and the Thai street food there is quite appetizing!

Hours: 5 pm – 2 am daily
Prices: 100 – 200 THB per person for a full meal, the meal we ate above came to 300 THB
Address: Sidewalk outside Bangkok’s Central World shopping center
How To Get There: Take the BTS to Chit Lom station, walk towards Ratchaprasong road and then cross the street to Central World shopping mall. Procee to walk past the mall and on your way to Pratunam, and it would be impossible to miss these Thai street food stalls. I go to the first one. Open only after 5 pm.

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