Taiwanese Street Food Datong Night Market

Datong night market is another reccomended night market to visit while you are in Tainan

It is giant night market with lots of street food, shopping & games to play

Lots of variety of street food to eat, many made fresh infront of you. They also have a Teppanyaki stall which is very tasty and one of the best one I ever had.

Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Datong night market

1. Mochi
2. Grilled pork
3. Champion cake
4. Beef burger with egg & cheese
5. Fresh succulent juice
6. Grandpa pancake chocolate & boba, yam
7. Deep fried pork with crumbs
8. Dorayaki
9. Corn golden french toast
10. Ice cream wheel of fortune
11. Fried grilled chicken lemon flavor
12. Pork Shawarma with cheese
13. Smelly tofu
14. Black pepper steak
15. Teppanyaki beef & pork

Datong night market
Address: No. 276號, Section 1, Linsen Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan 701
Open: Monday, Tuesday & Friday 5pm-Late

This was film early Feb, stay safe everyone!


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