Taiwan Street Food | Juicy Grilled Beef

Feng Jia Night Market is one of the largest night market in Taiwan. It is located in Taichung City which is ard 2 hrs away from Taiwan International Airport by bus

There’s so much to eat here! Streets and streets of street food! Also there’s toys, clothes and shoes to shop games like crane and carnival games to play. One will need at least 2 nights to browse the whole night market

The food in this video was taken in a span of 3 days. The food are stinky tofu, fried fresh mixed mushrooms, cheesy pork ribs, Angus Beef, XXL fried chicken, traditional chinese candy, deep fried cuttlefish and flame diced beef cubes

Also there’s is a cotton candy duck not in this video which was uploaded here…

This night market is one of the biggest reason to make a trip down to Taichung City

It starts ard 5pm and closes late at 12am everyday


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