Surprising My STAFF with MacBook LAPTOP! from CLASSMATES to MANAGER 😇🇵🇭

🇵🇭Sharing an Inspiring story of how a former classmate of mine, became part of my #TeamYOLO family. Meet Ica, her first work was in YOLO, no work experience, she is a very shy and a quiet person but with everyday motivation and helping her build her self confidence, knowledge and pushing her to discover her potential, slowly she proved to me that she is capable. And fast forward to one year, she is getting better in managing my shop with my full support.

I am a very hands on when it comes to my business, I did everything from scratch. I pick up my own stocks, going to places just to improve my business. Hiring people, DIY renovations and more. Literal blood and sweat. My goal for YOLO is to become a company where I can employ more Filipinos and give opportunities to people from all walks of life. As my motto in YOLO, I dont look for experience or educational attainment. Knowledge and skills can be learn through time and dedication. 💪🇵🇭

You can have the best strategy and the best business in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life. No experience requirement, no educational attainment requirement, no age limit whatsoever. What I care about is the character of the person.

#FaithInHumanity #PayItForward #YOLORetroPH


I just want to use this platform to help those who are in need and to send awareness. If I can do it, you can too. Spread Kindness and Positivity ❤️

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