Street Food THAI VEGAN FOOD – Massaman Curry in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – We were driving around Southern Chiang Mai, actually in a city south of Chiang Mai city, known as Hang Dong, and stopped at a small local restaurant for some Thai Jay – or Thai vegan food. The owner really warmed up to us, at first was a little shy, but then was really nice to us as we ordered a bunch of food! #veganfood #ThaiVeganFood #ChiangMai

King Liew Restaurant (กิ่งหลิว อาหารเจ) – The restaurant is called King Liew Restaurant (กิ่งหลิว อาหารเจ) and it’s just a very small laid back street food style restaurant. You go to the front, and check out all the different Thai dishes available for the day – including fully plant based / vegan Thai food – mostly curries and stir fry dishes, and some Northern Thai food.

Each dishes costs just 10 THB ($0.32)!

I ordered:

Tomato chili dip
Massaman curry
Taypo curry
Mushroom mix

The food was delicious, simple and tasty – full of flavor and Big on Spice! Of course I added some extra chilies and soy sauce to increase the spice level. But I loved the mellow flavors, and the freshness of each dish. Fantastic Thai vegan food when you’re in Chiang Mai, and a very laid back place.

Thank you for watching, hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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