Street Food – DIM SUM SKYSCRAPER!! Market Eating Tour in Southeast Asia!

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Trang (ตรัง), Thailand – Welcome to Trang, a lovely historical and laid back city in Southern Thailand. In this video, we’re going on a Thai Chinese street food tour – starting at the market with the famous Trang roast pork, and feasting on the impressive dim sum skyscrapers that the city is well known for. Finally, we’ll complete this Thai Chinese street food tour with a legendary bowl of Hokkien mee – Hokkien Chinese style noodles which are popular throughout communities in Southern Thailand. #Trang #Thailand #dimsum #streetfood

Here are the places we visited:

Trang Roast Pork (หมูย่างโกเภา) – I was recommended that this place in the back of the local municipal Trang morning market was the best in town. And they have a huge loyal following. I arrived early in the morning, about 6 am, and already they were almost sold out for the day – we were lucky to get one of the last un-reserved hundred grams. Trang roasted pork (ตรังหมูย่าง) is sweet, but wow it’s pretty tasty, and their version was the best I’ve ever had of Trang style roasted pork. Price – 420 THB ($13.44) per kg.

Jay Kee (เจ๊กี่) – Also in the market you’ll find another legendary stall call Jay Kee (เจ๊กี่) that serves rice flour dumplings and chopped pig face, both smothered in pink soybean sauce. It wasn’t my favorite thing ever, but it was a very cool place and a couple of legendary dishes. Price – 20 THB ($0.64) per plate

Ruan Thai Dim Sum (เรือนไทยติ่มซำ – For the population size of Trang, there is an un-proportionate amount of dim sum restaurants – meaning people just really love to eat dim sum in Trang! There are so many places to choose from, but I chose Ruan Thai Dim Sum (เรือนไทยติ่มซำ) because they are known to have one of the biggest selections of dim sum. When you arrive, you’ll see a small downtown of skyscrapers dim sum, all waiting to be ordered. What you do is you choose the different dumplings and bites you want to eat, and they freshly steam them, before bringing all the baskets to your table. This was, everything you eat is fresh and hot. We met the owner, and he gave us a few extra dishes as well, including some more Trang roasted pork and super “radna” noodles. Awesome place to eat dim sum and enjoy the local Trang Thai Chinese culture in the morning.

Chew Dam (ร้านฉิวดำ) – Finally to wrap up this street food tour we headed to Chew Dam (ร้านฉิวดำ), a generations old shophouse restaurant for Hokkien Mee. The yellow noodles are cooked in a thick umami boosted gravy and served with a barely cooked egg. Awesome place and delicious Hokkien Mee. Hokkien Mee – 45 THB ($1.44)

And that completes this Asian street food tour in Trang. Trang is a fantastic city, with a great balance of history, nice people, buzzing markets, and delicious street food.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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