Spicy PURPLE TOFU!! Burmese Vegetarian Street Food! | Chiang Mai, Thailand

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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – I was very excited to check out a Shan vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai, specifically serving tofu made from split peas and the purple version made from peanuts. Joel and I arrived, looking forward to some spicy amazing Shan food! Also, be sure to check out Joel’s channel (…). #Thailand #vegetarian #vegan

The menu is plastered all over the wall, and there are about 50 dishes you can choose from to order, mostly different combinations of Shan split pea tofu and peanut tofu, all with a variety of different toppings like cabbage, pickles, and chili oil. After some contemplation, we decided on four different dishes.

Mixed pea tofu salad
Khao soi
Khao ram feun
Rice noodles, hot gravy tofu

Everything was outstanding, the combinations of silky soft tofu, the flavors, dressings, and especially that chili oil that was Big On Spice! Probably my favorite dish was the mixed tofu salad, and the rice noodles with hot gravy tofu. But really it’s the type of restaurant where you can’t make a mistake. They make all the tofu in house, and it’s extraordinary.

Total price – 155 THB ($5.02)

Shan & Vegetarian Food (ข้าวแรมฟืน ป้ายอด เชียงใหม่):

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