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Welcome to Pa Daeng Jin Tup (ร้านป้าแดงจิ้นตุ๊บ), a Northern Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai, that’s known for its sledge hammer pounded meat jerky!! The Uncle and Aunty who run the restaurant, also have incredibly bubbly and friendly personalities, so meeting them and hanging out with them is a highlight along with the food. #ThaiFood #streetfood #ChiangMai

We arrived and immediately began ordering most of the dishes they had on their menu for the day. Uncle made sure to tell us that unfortunately due to the day and the situation (post Covid lockdown), he didn’t have all the dishes on his menu that he often has. Even so, we were able to order quite a selection and quite a variety.

At Pa Daeng Jin Tup (ร้านป้าแดงจิ้นตุ๊บ), you’ll immediately notice the classic Northern Thai food grill very slowly roasting and smoking continually over low charcoal – the meat stays smoking until you order it. Once you order it, they carefully select some pieces of tough meat, put it on the cutting board, and Uncle starts pounding it with his signature sledge hammer – it literally is a sledge hammer, meat tenderizer!

The result is a piece of meat that’s so fragrant, and still slightly chewy – like jerky – but fun to eat and full of flavor. Additionally, you eat every bite with Uncle special sauce that contains bile to make it bitter and diversify the flavor. I also really loved the galangal chili dip. What a meal and what a time to hang out with friends, have some drinks, and some seriously tasty Thai street food.

Here’s everything we ordered:

Pounded beef (จิ้นตุ๊บ)
Pounded pork (หมูตุ๊บ)
Frog mix (ยำกบ)
Chicken feet soup (ขาไก่ซุปเปอร์)
Galangal chili (น้ำพริกข่า)
Fermented pork, egg (แหนมหมกไข่)
Steamed pork (หมูนึ่ง)

Total price – 620 THB ($19.92) for everything

Thank you for watching, hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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