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Shinjuku Ramen Buta Kakuni Gyoza Little Tokyo Makati Chino Roces Avenue. Shinjuku Ramen House Little Tokyo Makati Best Gyoza and Buta Kakuni Ramen Japanese Restaurant. Shinjuku Ramen is one of the oldest Japanese owned Ramen Houses in Manila having been in operations since the 90’s. The original branch in Little Tokyo has been recently renovated in 2014 to provide more comfortable table seating for its guests as before it was catered more towards single Japanese business men dining alone. Shinjuku Ramen has survived this long as their food has been consistent and Japanese clients and ourselves keep coming back for the best Gyoza and signature Buta Kakuni Ramen in town! Buta Kakuni is a Japanese style of braised pork belly originating in southern Japann’s Nagasaki in Kyushu Island. What makes Buta Kakuni so delicious? It’s tender, juicy chunks of pork belly that have been braised until tender and glazed in a braising liquid combination made from dashi, mirin, sugar, and soy sauce and Shinjuku makes it so well that it literally melts in your mouth.

Their gyoza is massive and juicy and an excellent stand alone dish or to complement to your ramen, and trust us well worth the price if you are a die hard gyoza fan.

Shinjuku Ramen House
Little Tokyo
Tel: (+632) 8191242

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