Rooster’s Chicken And Waffles

Does anyone READ the description? This description has absolutely NOTHING to do with the video, I honestly just enjoy writing and so here is a fun story.

I was about 14 or 15, truly don’t recall the age but I was still taking bus transfers to the mall. One day I am on the way to the mall with a friend to meet up with this gumdrop on a blind date type of situation. We did not have the internet back then and so when someone hooked you up without a polaroid, you always took a chance.

We arrived and I met shorty doo wop in the food court. She was fresher than a new pair of Yeezy’s. I gave her ALL of my 14 year old MACK DADDY vibes with enough money in my pocket to share a small fry at McDonalds.

So while my boy was off with her cousin somewhere, we were tearing all 12 of those small fries up with hella salt. I passed her my Water and we went window shopping for the next hour, catching up on life. She was definitely older than me but I wasn’t giving her my actual age.

Anyway, it was time to leave. We all walked to the bus stop and as we were waiting, she had mentioned something about my lips looking juicy. I was SCARED AF because this would be my first kiss and I practiced on a pillow for years but now this was going to be the real thing.


I quickly recalled all of the kissing scenes from the movies and soap operas. You lean in slowly, tilt your head and go in for the kill. I am now hesitating and my palms are SWEATY AF. In the distance I can see my bus arriving and my boy is looking at me like, “HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS SON! WE GOTTA GO SOON!”

Now the bus arrives and it is time to go. She said, “Boy, hurry up and kiss me” WELL DAMN LIL’ MAMA….You are a fast one…., No matter, I was practicing for this moment, right?

Now I am still tall and towering over her, so I closed my eyes, bent down, tilted my head and leaned in slow and then it happened…..I kissed her….RIGHT ON THE DAMN NOSE!



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