Roasting Cashew Nuts in Krabi, Thailand

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Krabi is known throughout Thailand for being one of the major producer of cashew nuts… and cashews happen to be one of my favorite snacks in the world. So when Ying and I were in Krabi the last time, we rented a car for a couple days, and I decided we needed to go get some cashew from the cashew factory.

From Krabi Town we drove to a small town called Neau Khlong (เหนือคลอง) and then went to a cashew nut roasting factory called Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง). They roasted the cashew nuts, right there, and they actually don’t just roast them lightly, but actually set them on fire, then extinguish them. Cashew nuts are from the cashew fruit, and the nuts come from the seeds of the fruit.

Once roasted and blackened, the outer crust is pounded off, revealing the beautiful cashew nut. It was pretty interesting to see the cashews being roasted on fire.

But definitely my favorite part of visiting Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง) was buying freshly roasted cashews, and then eating them on spot. They were so good and so fresh.

I visited this small cashew nut roastery, called Ma Taeng (มะแท็ง), near the small town of Neau Khlong (เหนือคลอง), about a 30 minute drive from Krabi Town.

Address: 53 Moo 1 Neau Khlong, Krabi 81130
Phone: 0-7563-6620


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