Organic Thai Food – RICE-GRASS + Kale Wraps! | Sukhothai, Thailand!

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Sukhothai, Thailand – Welcome to Sukhothai, Thailand, located in the beginning of Northern Thailand, it was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Siam. After visiting the amazing Historical Park, the next day we drove out to the Sukhothai airport, which is home to the Organic Agriculture Project of Sukhothai.

You arrive to an amazing setting, a big organic farm, and the landscaping is beautiful. They have neat sections, dedicated to organic rice, fresh vegetables, fruits, chilies, and the organic farm to table restaurant is located right in the center of the organic farm.

Although the menu at the restaurant includes quite a few different dishes, there are some plant based / vegan / vegetarian Thai dishes that you can order. I was specifically interested in trying ricegrass for the first time. So I ordered the rice grass drink, which I think was quite similar and taste to wheatgrass – a superfood, packed full of vitamins and minerals. I also really loved the marian plum smoothie – just pure fruit blended with ice.

Here are a few of the vegetables and plant foods I came across and ordered on the menu.

Melientha suavis
Palmyra palm fruit
Climbing wattle
Culantro / sawtooth coriander
Pak wan?
Yardlong bean
Marian plum
Mantou and chili jam
Tamarind chili dip
Mixed vegetables
Miang – Chinese kale
Fried ricegrass

Total price – 1,100 THB ($35.61) for everything. But we also ordered a few other dishes I didn’t show.

Overall, the food was a little on the sweet side for me. I would have preferred the food to be more spicy and well rounded than too sweet. But the vegetables were fresh and local, and the atmosphere was fantastic.

What I loved the most about the Organic Agriculture Project Airport – Sukhothai, Thailand, was the actual farm and organic produce. Amazing place to visit, and highly recommended when you are in Sukhothai, Thailand. #ThaiFood #organic #plantbased #vegan

Thank you for watching, hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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