Olomouc (Czech Republic) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Olomouc in Czech Republic.
The city of Olomouc is located on the Czech Republic’s Hanna Plain on the March River and was one of the centres of the realm of Great Moravia and is one of the oldest seats of the Přemyslids. Today, modern fountains distract at historic Horni Náměsti, or Upper Ring where, in 1306, Václav The Third was murdered. In 1469, a Hungarian, Matthias Corvinius, was proclaimed King Of Bohemia and the Hussite armies were forced to withdraw. The Hauenschild Palace is a sixteenth century Renaissance building with a richly decorated portal and bay windows, as well having a musical history. In 1767 the eleven year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived there and composed a symphony. Even today mighty Baroque buildings shape the old town. The House Of The Kurie Of The Archbishops is another splendid example of Catholic power. Its residents clearly had a special fondness for running water, as indicated by the Merkur Fountain. Olomouc is a remarkable work of Baroque art as well as being an historic gem!

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