No Bake Ube Cheesecake

Christmas is coming! Level up and turn your simple ube halaya (purple yam jam) to delicious no bake ube cheesecake!
This no bake cheese cake recipe requires purple yam or ube root, if not available in your country you can use bottled ube jam as a substitute or ube extract that you can find in different Asian stores.

150g Peeled Ube/Purple Yam (cube)
1 1/2 cup Water
1 tbsp White Sugar

3/4 cup/90g Crushed Graham
2 tbsp/30ml Melted Butter

Ube Cheesecake
200g Cream Cheese
2 tbsp/30g White Sugar
2 tbsp/30ml Milk
5g Gelatin (clear and unflavored)
200 ml Whipping Cream
2 tbsp/30g White Sugar
80g Ube Puree

Ube Jelly
30ml Water
2g Gelatin (clear and unflavored)
1 tbsp/15g White Sugar
40g Ube Puree

Ube Cubes/Garnish
60g/4 pcs Diced Ube
2 tbsp Simple Syrup

Mint Leaves
Edible Flowers


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