Mukhy’s grilled chicken and amazing sauces in Zanzibar

In Stone Town, Zanzibar, there’s a little place called Mukhy’s, and they make some seriously good street food chicken. More info:…

Mukhy’s is just a short 1 minute walk from the Zanzibar ferry terminal, right along Malawi road and just before you reach the Zenji Hotel. You might see a big grill with a bunch of red chicken smoking away on the street, or if they’re not cooking at that moment, you’ll notice the big glass cabinet full of delicious looking food, and their redish tent where you sit to eat your delicious Zanzibar grilled chicken.

So Mukhy’s is a family run Indian Zanzibari street food stall, right along the bustle of the main road in Stone Town, Zanzibar. They make a variety of local snack foods like chips, samosas, mishkaki kebabs, and all sorts of other fried and grilled things, but what caught my eye the most was the red grilled tandoori chicken. It’s normally pre-cooked when you arrive, and they just throw it back on the grill to heat it and serve it to you.

Mukhy’s also makes incredible house made sauces, which are filled into recycled plastic bottles and served on your plastic table. The sauces were probably the most incredible part of the meal, they were absolutely sensational. I couldn’t get enough of the sauces.

The grilled street food chicken was very similar to tandoori, marinated in the same kind of spices, but grilled instead of roasted in a tandoor oven. The chicken was incredibly tasty, and paired with those wonderful sauces, it was truly a masterpiece of a piece of grilled chicken.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the staff at Mukhy’s in Zanzibar are very friendly!

Open hours: 7 am – midnight, but very informal hours, they are open most of the time is what the owner told me

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