Mexican Torta – Every Meat You Can Imagine in a Bun at Los Reyes De La Torta!

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When I last visited the United States, I spent a few weeks in Phoenix, Arizona, near the city where I went to university. So one of the only cuisines that I miss when living in Thailand, is Mexican food, so when I was back for a visit, I made sure to eat as much Mexican food as I could handle. I had been going to Los Reyes De La Torta for many years, before it was known as a different name, but after coming back to visit Phoenix, I found out that the name of this Mexican torta restaurant was now Los Reyes De La Torta, and that Adam from the tv show Man vs. Food had eaten there and reviews it.

Anyway, the word torta in Spanish is used differently in different Spanish speaking nations, but in Mexico, it normally refers to a sandwich. And I don’t just mean any sandwich, they are usually incredible, towering, meaty filled, and greasy sandwiches, lathered with sauces, and topped with a scoop of guacamole. Though the menu at Los Reyes De La Torta is actually quite extensive, including a range of different Mexican dishes, the tortas are the most famous, and if you go there, you should definitely go straight for the torta. There are a number of different versions of order, but if you want the ultimate, get the Del Rey. The Del Rey included, from top to bottom, avocado, omelet, hot dog, omelet again, ham, cheese, chorizo, breaded beef, breaded chicken breast, pork, refried beans, tomato, onion, and a layer of chipotle salsa. So basically, every kind of meat and protein you can imagine in stuffed between two layers of bread, and that’s the torta.

I was impressed when the Del Rey arrived at my table, it was humongous and glistened in the light. The layers of the Mexican torta were all clearly visible, and it came with a side of potato chips, which I actually didn’t even want at all, and ended up not even touching – I just went straight in for the torta. I have to admit that at first, I thought it might be overkill, like too many meats in a single bun, so I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be. Luckily, I was wrong to think it might not be that good with that amount of contrasting meats on it, it was amazing. All the meat was incredibly soft, and my teeth just slid through the meat and bun with extreme ease, everything just fell apart – melted in my mouth.

Anyway, if you ever visit Phoenix, Arizona, Los Reyes De La Torta is an absolute must visit restaurant. You must order a torta and you should probably go for the Del Rey, because it includes all the meats you could possible ever imagine on a single bun!

Los Reyes De La Torta
Address: 9230 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Open hours: Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 9 pm, Friday from 10 am to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm
Prices: About $10 per person, but portions are huge

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