MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD!!! At HOME!!! (Nasi Lemak) The BEST Street Food in Malaysia!!!

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This Malaysian Street food at HOME is for our new series FOODRANGIN AT HOME! Street Food in Malaysia is some of the BEST in the world, and today we’re teaming up with our friend Mark from Simply Enak who’s teaching us to make NASI LEMAK coconut fragrant rice with LEMONGRASS CHICKEN!!! Get ready for this amazing MALAYSIAN RECIPE!

► Huge thanks to Mark from Simply Enak for providing us with his Grandma’s recipe for Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s most famous street food, go follow him as well on Instagram here:

Today in this Malaysian street food recipe video, we’re making the FULL ON BEST Nasi Lemak recipe! Get ready to eat and make some incredible food with us! You can follow along with this video and read the full Malaysian food recipe here:

This series “Foodrangin’ at home” came about because we’re all stuck at home all around the world, and need to cook and stay positive and strong, so we’re teaming up with expert chefs and friends that we’ve met on our travels over the last 5 years to teach us their recipes! You can follow along with us and make these street food dishes too!

Today, we’re making Nasi Lemak!
What is Nasi Lemak? Nasi Lemak is Malaysia’s most famous street food, actually a MALAYSIAN BREAKFAST! It’s also a famous Kuala Lumpur street food (where we’re now liviing!) and it’s literally translated as “fragrant rice” or “coconut rice”, it’s served with a ton of Malaysian side dishes as well like beef rendang, sambal, ikan bilis anchovies and peanuts, a hard boiled egg, and cucumbers! Mark is teaching us how to make all of them!

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