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Journey of a Banana (Nutrition Advice) | Food: What Goes In Your Basket? | EP4 | Fresh Lifestyle

Food is a brand new magazine show that tells viewers everything they need to know about the food they buy in their local supermarket and where it comes from. Presenters Jay Rayner, Anna Richardson and roving reporter Ravinder Bhogal examine the truth behind British food production. Its aim: to challenge and inform consumers and UK’s food suppliers, and encourage new ways of supplying and shopping for food.

Ravinder Bhogal travels the globe to retrace the incredible journeys of a number of food types including fish, fruit and dairy products. Meanwhile, food critic Jay Rayner examines the claim that Britain is only nine meals away from anarchy – the idea that Britain is so heavily reliant on food imports that a major disruption in the food supply could cause havoc. He also looks at ways the UK could become more food self-sufficient and how its production might have to change.

Anna Richardson’s consumer strand takes a look at everyday products and finding out what really lies beneath their packaging. What is the difference between value and premium ranges? Where exactly are the farms or lochs that the packaging claims the produce or fish come from? Does the glamorous name live up to the real location?

The show is filmed on Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire and each week an invited audience will become taste testers trying out different products. There will also be a Rotting Room where the daily decay of food is closely monitored and examined. Plus there are best practice guides on how to store foods to ensure they stay fresh for longer.

Food is packed with hands-on information that aims to change the way consumers shop, store and cook their food for ever.

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