Indonesian Street Food – CRAZY HALAL Street Food in Little Indonesia!! BEST MARTABAK + RENDANG!

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Welcome back to our series, Street Food Around the World in Taiwan. Today we are taking you to INDONESIA! Taiwan is home to many Indonesians, and with them they brought their culture and their amazing food!

We are starting our street food tour in “Little Indonesia”, which is a small neighbourhood outside of Taipei Main Station. Every Sunday, Indonesians gather here to socialize, relax and EAT! We first ordered Gado-gado (150 NTD / USD $5.07) which is an Indonesian salad with rice cakes, tempeh and is smothered in a spicy peanut sauce. We also ordered sate ayam (chicken sate) which was grilled over smoky coals and topped with a sate sauce and chilis (5 pieces – 200 NTD / USD $6.75) , and Teh Botol (30 NTD / USD $1.01) to wash it down . All of the vendors where extremely friendly.
To take home, we picked up a pack of kueh (small Indonesian cakes) that are stuffed with gula jawa (palm sugar) and covered in shredded coconut (50 NTD / USD $1.69), which are great to eat as a breakfast snack.
Later, we visit a modern Indonesian restaurant for a few different dishes. We ordered rendang daging (beef), ayam bumbu rujak (chili chicken), turmeric rice, and curry vegetables. The food was unfortunately missing a few key ingredients and spices that really make Indonesian food what it is. The true flavour was less reminiscent of Indonesian food, and more like Taiwanese food. The entire meal cost 890 NTD (USD $30.90), which we thought was slightly too expensive.

To end the day of eating amazing Indonesian food, we went to a local stall far in the south of Taipei to have Martabak Manis (sweet martabak). This martabak was made in the most authentic way. The batter was slightly undercooked, it was SMOTHERED in butter, chocolate, cheese and condensed milk. And of course, more butter on top (120 NTD / USD $4.05). This is one dessert we cannot stop eating whenever we are in Indonesia, and we are so happy to have found this hidden gem in Taiwan.

Restaurant Info:
1 – Little Indonesia (Gado-gado, Sate, Kueh)
Alley 12, Lane 8, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
2 – Sate House (Rendang, Bumbu Rujak, etc…)
No. 15號, Leli Road, Da’an District, Taipei
3 – 元元月亮餅 Martabak Manis
No. 6號, Jingwen Street, Wenshan District, Taipei

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We’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travellers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. We particularly like to sample street food across Asia. We are based in Taiwan where we frequent the best Taiwanese street food stops and create travel content to make finding food in Taiwan easier for YOU! Although we are based in Taiwan we travel the majority of the year around the world in search of the best food. We’ve filmed in Japan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! We love what we do and we are always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode!

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