Indian Malay Food 🐟 HUGE FISH HEAD CURRY Cooked By The KING OF SPICE!

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PATTANI, THAILAND – First of all a huge thank you Bang Dim and his amazing family for inviting us to their home for a once in a lifetime home cooked meal. It was outstanding, a meal I’ll never forget. #IndianFood #MalayFood #Pattani #ปัตตานี

First off, back story:

A few days before, I was with Muhammad from Papa Tagu ( and we stopped by the shop where he buys spices for his Thai Arabian food. We stopped in to say hi partly because the owner of the spice shop, Bang Dim, watches our video – and he’s the King of Spice in Pattani (his spice shop is called Muhammad and Sons: We had a great time, and enjoyed some amazing masala tea. He also gave me the ring! Anyway, Bang Dim is half from Kerala, South India, and half local Pattani Malay. He was born in Pattani (ปัตตานี). At that meeting, he invited us over to his house to make Indian style, but Malay at the same time fish head curry.

A few days later, we headed over to the house. Bang Dim, along with his wife and entire family put on an ultimate display of hospitality and welcome, cooking an unbelievable huge fish head curry. The fish head curry was a combination of South Indian and Malay, using dry spices, curry leaves, and even green sour mango in the curry. It was outstanding, sensational beyond belief. But not only was there fish curry, but there was also an entire Malay and Indian food feast – mainly seafood.

Thank you again to Bang Dim and your entire family for this unforgettable Indian Malay meal in Pattani.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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