Incredible Holy Basil Roast Duck & MBK Shopping Mall – Bangkok Day 8

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1:38 Soi 6 Pochana (ซอย6โภชนา) – One of my favorite places to eat roast duck in Bangkok is at Samyan Market at a restaurant called Soi 6 Pochana (ซอย6โภชนา). We first started with a plate of khao na bet (ข้าวหน้าเป็ด), which is just roast duck and rice, and then we also had a plate of khanom jeeb goong (ขนมจีบกุ้ง), which are shrimp dumplings, both of which were excellent. Another thing that I really like to eat at this roast duck restaurant is giew nam (เกี๋ยวน้ำ), like won ton dumplings, and they do a fantastic job of making them here. But finally, the absolute best reason to go to Soi 6 Pochana (ซอย6โภชนา) in Bangkok is to order a plate of bet pad kra prao (เป็ดผัดกระเพรา), roast duck stir fried with garlic, chilies, and holy basil. Normally this dish would be prepared with pork or chicken or some kind of seafood, but using leftover roast duck, the dish is elevated to the next level of delicious.

6:16 Jim Thompson House Museum (บ้านจิมทอมสัน) – One of the most famous attractions in Bangkok is Jim Thompson House Museum (บ้านจิมทอมสัน), which is located in the Siam area of Bangkok, right across the street from MBK shopping mall. I had visited when I first came to Bangkok years ago, so this was a good opportunity to go again. After paying the entrance fee you then have to go to the entrance of the house and get in line for a tour – they only offer group tours of the Jim Thompson House Museum (บ้านจิมทอมสัน), so you can’t just walk around on your own. It’s a worthwhile attraction to visit when you’re in Bangkok.

8:45 Gallery Drip Coffee (แกลลอรี่ กาแฟดริป) – Located at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Gallery Drip Coffee (แกลลอรี่ กาแฟดริป) is one of the best coffee shops in Bangkok that serves drip coffee.

10:03 MBK Shopping Mall and Vegetarian Thai Food – After a great cup of coffee, we headed to MBK, which is one of the most famous shopping malls in Bangkok, to do a little shopping and to have some quick lunch at the food court. I wanted to look for a camera bag, which I successfully found, and then we headed to the giant food court – which by the way is a pretty good place to get a bite to eat when you’re in the Siam area. I chose to eat at a well known Thai vegetarian food restaurant stall at the MBK food court, and it’s set up rice and curry style, so you just choose your different dish to go on top of a plate of rice. The vegetarian food at MBK Shopping mall is always good!

13:15 Shopping at Pratunam Market – One of the most famous shopping markets in Bangkok is Pratunam, and it’s a place that many people come from around the world just to go shopping. It’s a specifically wholesale market, but vendors do also sell individual things. At Bangkok’s Pratunam market you’ll find mostly clothes, but there are also little souvenir and random things from Thailand, and if you search around enough you’ll find just about everything you can imagine somewhere within Pratunam market or the area.

15:44 Thai Street Food outside Central World Mall – During the daytime outside Central World mall, you’ll find a lot of clothing street vendors, but starting in the evening, the scene changes to dinner and street food. I used to come here long ago to eat Thai grilled fish and other Isaan dishes, and the restaurants are still around. We sat at one of the stalls, and ordered up a few different dishes including a grilled fish and some green papaya salad. The food was alright, but not extremely good – I think it used to be better before. I wouldn’t highly recommend it, but it is a very convenient place to eat Thai street food in the Siam and Pratunam area.


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