Ikan Bakar – Malaysian Grilled Fish and Seafood!

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Malaysian food is among the top cuisines in the entire world, and local style ikan bakar or grilled fish, is one of the absolute best things to eat. Sure there are plenty of dishes like nasi lemak and nasi ayam, but for a single giant feast, there’s nothing like a pile of seafood grilled in succulent sambal chili sauce and cooked to perfection. Ikan bakar has to be one of the best meals in the world. So I had no idea where exactly Ikan Bakar Medan Gerai No. 3 on Jalan Bellamy in Kuala Lumpur was, so I went of for an exciting food adventures. One thing I dislike about KL is that sometimes you’ll be walking along and all of a sudden you’ll walk into the middle of a highway, or the sidewalk will just end abruptly. But anyway, after running across a few highways, hopping a few fences and trekking across a few jungles I finally made it to Jalan Bellamy for the feast.

I could see the smoke rising as I arrived, a pillar of sweet perfume fuming off the beautiful assortment of grilling seafood. It was a jaw dropping sight to see, a bed of solid seafood all smoldering like lava on the hot grill. Honestly speaking, I could barely contain myself and began to go a little crazy wanting to reward myself for finding the restaurant by ordering the entire ikan bakar menu. The first thing that looked delicious was the grilled stingray, known as ikan pari. It was mouthwatering, so intensely good, I could barely even believe it. The stingray was wrapped in a banana leaf before being smothered in sambal chili sauce and slow cooking on the grill. The result of the ikan pari was flesh that nearly had the texture of chicken but with even deeper more rewarding flavor. The next item I couldn’t resist was a grilled squid known in Malaysia as sotong bakar. It was equally amazing, marinated in the same exact sambal chili sauce and grilled while surrounded by banana leaves. The owner, upon seeing my enthusiasm for their ikan bakar, generously gave me a free plate of grilled prawns. They were excellent as well, especially when sprinkled with a squeeze of calamansi citrus juice.

Another great thing about Ikan Bakar Medan Gerai No. 3 on Jalan Bellamy in Kuala Lumpur is that you get a plate of rice to accompany your grilled seafood and it’s then self help to choose whatever nasi campur mixed curry and Malaysian side dishes you want. It all looked great, but stuck with just a few garnishes and salads in order to more fully focus on the brilliant ikan bakar. The entire meal was nothing short of epic, all the seafood was cooked to perfection and that sambal chili sauce was enough to make any man cry with Malaysian food satisfaction.

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Address: Medan Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy, KL


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