► PSA – I will LOSE Subscribers because of THIS VIDEO but I would rather LOSE SUBSCRIBERS & GAIN RESPECT than to STAY SILENT AND REMAIN LOST MYSELF within this INJUSTICE over BLACK LIVES. RESPECT to the YouTube Creators using this platform to SPEAK UP and make an actual difference.

► Proceeds from this video will go towards the NECESSARY donations for #BlackLivesMatter at: (and even without ANY MONEY TO GIVE; here is how YOU TOO can help)

1. Do NOT put this on loop or repeat once it’s done. YouTube will see it as s / p / 4 / m and won’t show you ads.
2. Watch it through once. Then, watch 3 to 5 videos after of any length. Then, research this video manually and watch it through again. Make sure to watch different videos every time.
3. DO NOT watch in a playlist or a browser app. Use the YouTube app.
4. Turn off ad block or youtube premium (you can make a new account or use an incognito tab)
5. Watch on at least 480p and at at least half volume. DO NOT pause or fast forward the video.
6. Watch through videos and DO NOT skip them. You can click on ads as well!
7. Comment and like this video – it will tell YouTube this is something people like. Be careful with your wording, though, and avoid emojis
8. DO NOT clear playback or search history
9. Share this on social media! Spread the word!
Feel free to copy and paste this comment to increase interaction!

#daymdrops #blacklivesmatter #blm


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