Huge MARTIAN Crab!! 🦀🇲🇽 MEXICAN FOOD in Popotla Fishing Village, Mexico!

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After an insane Mexican street food tacos tour of Tijuana, we continued south in Baja California to Popotla – a fishing village teeming with every fresh seafood you can imagine – including giant spider crabs, also known as Martian crabs. Before leaving Tijuana we had some amazing seafood breakfast, and continued to eat legendary carne asada, finishing off with an epic crab and seafood meal. #Mexico #MexicanFood #streetfood

Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Merrihue (…) for organizing this trip. And to Scott Koenig:… and Paco Perez: for arranging this tour. Thanks to Sebastian:… for hooking us up in Popotla.

Mariscos El Conchal – Tijuana, Mexico – But first, in the morning before leaving Tijuana, we thought it would be a great idea to get started eating some seafood to get warmed up. At Mariscos El Conchal, their crab tostadas are out of this world, and we had an amazing fresh seafood shellfish cocktail as well. Amazing place to eat when you’re in Tijuana.

Tacos El Yaqui – Perrones Tijuana – Then on the way to Popotla, further south in Baja California, we stopped at Tacos El Yaqui for legendary carne asada. Their huge tacos were amazing.

Mariscos La Estrella – Popotla, Mexico – But the real highlight of the day was arriving to Popotla for the amazing seafood. The fishing village community is a full seafood market where you can get anything from the sea. But the big ticket is the spider martian crabs. At Mariscos La Estrella, she fried them up, simple and extremely delicious. When you go to Popotla, go say hi and have a meal at Mariscos La Estrella as she is rebuilding her restaurant!

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