How to Make Pastimallows | Food Business Recipe w/ Complete Costing | Pastillas Marshmallows

Pastimallows is a combination of pastillas and marshmallows.
Yield: 34 pcs
Ingredients and Prices for Business Purposes
150g Pack or 1 1/3 cup Powdered Milk = ₱ 40.50
6 tbsp Sweetened Condensed Milk (1/2 of small can/168 ml can) = ₱ 13
34 pcs Medium-size Marshmallows (about 2 cm height) = ₱ 14

Total Ingredient Cost = 67.5

Mini Cups = ₱ 5/75 pcs
“I used almost half of it” = ₱ 2.5

Total Expenses = ₱ 70

You can sell this size of pasti mallows for ₱ 100 per dozen or ₱ 8.33/ pc

Price/pc x no. of pcs = Gross Sale
₱ 8.33 x 34 = ₱ 283

Gross Sale – Total Expenses = Profit
₱ 283 – ₱ 70 = ₱ 213

So for this recipe you have a potential profit of 213 pesos, not bad right?
What if you can sell 20 or 50 dozen per day? just compute it and you will see how big it is!

I hope we can help you…

This costing is for small entrepreneur who want to start at low with 30 to 100 pcs production. If you are planing to take this into higher volume of production like 100 and above please adjust for manpower expense and other expenses that might increase or decrease when increasing the volume of production.

Prices of Ingredients are based on mall prices like SM Supermarket, Puregold, etc wich is more expensive. If you can buy this ingredients in wet markets and other cheaper groceries you can minimize your ingredients expense and maximize your profit.

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