How to Eat Palmyra Palm Fruit – Amazing PALM SUGAR Superfood!

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Petchaburi (เพชรบุรี), Thailand – The Tham Rong Community in Petchaburi, central Thailand is home to many palmyra palm trees (also known as sugar palm or toddy palm), which grow in plantations and mainly within the rice paddy fields. It’s an amazing tree, with so many uses, and so important throughout Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia and India. #Thailand #Fruit #palmsugar

In Thailand, “nam dtan,” literally means the water of the palmyra palm, but today that word is used for normal sugar. That’s because traditionally this was the main source of sugar in Thailand – and it still is common – but white table sugar has taken over for convenience and cheap price. But palmyra palm sugar is the real deal, fragrant, mildly sweet, and much less processed and healthy.

Before visiting this palmyra palm tree fruit plantation, I didn’t know all the different uses of this amazing fruit and tree.

Palm fruit cluster
Fresh palm sugar sap
Palmyra mesocarp pulp
Palmyra fruit – seed socket
Germinated seed

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