He Saved Me so I Surprised Him! “NON-FOOD Delivery Rider”! 🇵🇭 (10,000 Ayuda Segment)

He saved my life, without him no food for the week! 🇵🇭

I was gonna do the video call ayuda segment today but decided to help this Kuya. Our Ayuda Segment is still on going. I’ll be doing “10,000 Pesos Ayuda Segment” on our channel guys, to reach the unreachable people. I will choose on the comment section on our recent vlog for our next family that I can help and will go on for the entire month. Sorry po hindi ako mayaman to help the entire nation but Ill make sure to help deserving ones and as much as we can ❤

Im doing this to revive bayanihan. To show people maraming mga nangangailangan at sana sa mga may kaya tumulong sa mga katulad nila, this is the best time na magtulungan. Wag mawawalan ng pagasa mga Kababayan, malalagpasan din natin ito. #BringingBackBayanihan

I just want to use this platform to help those who are in need and to send awareness. If I can do it, you can too. Spread Kindness and Positivity ❤️

If you wanna avail The Hungry Syrian Merch make sure to order and send direct message at:

If you would like to support:
Business inquiry:

To all the riders, in behalf of everyone I just want to say thank you for making our lives easier especially for people who need your services. Salute po ako sainyo and always drive safe! Mabuhay po kayo


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