Gomen be siga – Sizzling Ethiopian beef and collard greens

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There are lots of amazing things to eat when you visit Ethiopia, and one of the dishes I fell in love with was gomen be siga. Gomen is collard greens, and siga is beef, so together the dish is basically just collard green mixed with beef, but it’s so much more tasty than that sounds.

You can find Ethiopian gomen be siga at many Ethiopian restaurants, but the best version I had was at the 7 Olives hotel in Lalibela, it was just simple and wonderful. It’s not always served on a “derek” or a flaming ceramic hot plate, but this time it was, and that also made it extra good as the meat and vegetables were sizzling hot for my entire meal. The mix included small chunks of beef along with collard greens, onions, carrots, some cabbage, lots and lots of garlic, and finally a hefty amount of butter to cook it all in and wrap things up. I have to admit that this particular version was quite greasy and oily from all the butter they used, but at the same time, it was amazingly flavorful.

After a few bites of the gomen be siga, I decided to sample it with some awaze chili paste. And I’m very glad I did, because the awaze provided that extra kick of chili and flavor with the beef and collard green needed. Along with pieces of injera, beef, green, and awaze chili, the gomen be siga was amazing!

So there are plenty of wonderful Ethiopian foods to try when you visit, one of them is gomen be siga, with is very tasty.

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