Flaming Thai Beef Soup & Bike Ride at Bang Krachao (บางกระเจ้า) – Bangkok Day 11

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00:29 Day trip to Bang Krachao (บางกระเจ้า) – One Day 11 of this Bangkok video travel guide series, we decided to head over to Bang Krachao (บางกระเจ้า), which is a quiet area, across the river from Bangkok. It’s a good place to rent a bicycle, and a place that feels like you’re far removed from the city, yet you’re literally just across the river, so you can see all of Bangkok. We first headed to Wat Bang Krachao Nok Pier (ท่าเรือวัดบางกระเจ้านอก) and caught a boat across the Chao Phraya river. From there, Ying and I rented bicycles, and biked around for a while. We didn’t actually do too much, but the beauty of going there is just biking on the elevated walkways – it’s really beautiful. We stopped for a couple snacks including a wood apple, which are not easy to find in Bangkok and I love them! We also had a couple Thai desserts before heading back on the boat back to Bangkok – the big city.

7:26 Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) – For lunch we headed to Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง), an awesome Thai beef fire pot restaurant. Ying and I were so hungry after the bicycle ride, that we ended up eating not just one, but two flaming hot beef fire pots. They are delicious. We had one maw fai ruam (หม้อไฟรวม), which is a beef fire pot with everything includes, and then we also had a maw fai neau buay (หม้อไฟเนื้อเปื่อย), which is only the beef – if you prefer no organs mixed in, this is the one you should order. They also serve Thai pork satay, which is pretty delicious here too. For more details about this Thai beef restaurant, check out my review here:…

15:18 Khlong Toey Market (ตลาดคลองเตย) – One of the biggest and most exciting fresh market in Bangkok is Khlong Toey Market (ตลาดคลองเตย), and it’s busy throughout the day and night. After having our flaming beef fire pots, we took a stroll though Khlong Toey Market (ตลาดคลองเตย), and enjoyed the atmosphere and the colorful pandamonium of everything. It’s a great fresh wet market to walk around when you’re in Bangkok. We stopped for a couple snacks, including some sweet tamarind and some grilled banana – which are one of my favorite snacks on the streets of Bangkok.

20:07 Dinner at Vietnamese and More, and Kiew Muang Jeen (ร้านเกี๊ยวเมืองจีน) – Ying and I didn’t really have any dinner plans, but then Dwight (…) called me and we ended up going to a friend’s restaurant called Vietnamese and More. I ordered the Xui Mai Meatball with Tomato Sauce Banh Mi, which was delicious – it had been a while since I had a meatball sub. We then headed to Kiew Muang Jeen (ร้านเกี๊ยวเมืองจีน) for some Chinese food. The food was alright, not amazing, but the eggplant fries were the best.



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