Europe’s SPICIEST FOOD 🌶️🌶️ !! Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup 🐟 in Hungary!

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There was no way I was going to leave Hungary without trying what is considered one of the spiciest native foods to Europe – Hungarian fisherman’s soup – known in Hungarian as Halászlé. And there are two very different versions in Hungary – each with their own following. So there was no way, we couldn’t try both of them in a single day. So my friend Adam ( and I set off on a Hungarian food mission to eat Europe’s spiciest food! #HungarianFood #spicy #Europe

Szeged, Hungary – The first type of Hungarian fisherman’s soup comes from a place called Szeged, and that’s where we drover first. We drove directly to a restaurant called Kiskőrössy Halászcsárda, right along the banks of the river, and known for their fish. They have a number of other fish dishes on their menu, but no one comes and doesn’t order the Halászlé. It was delicious, full of flavor and vibrant on the paprika. Total price – 20,720 HUF ($68.38)

Baja, Hungary – Next we drove onwards to Baja, also famous for their Hungarian fisherman’s soup, but different in style. We went to a home style restaurant called Potykacsárda and ordered up a number of dishes. I immediately loved their red color of every dish – so bright red and with some spiciness to it. Adam and I had a cold fruit soup, a dish of paprikash with catfish which was insanely delicious, and finally the famous Halászlé – fisherman’s soup. I loved it, absolutely stunning. Total price – 8,400 HUF ($27.72)

So what is the best fisherman’s soup in Hungary, Szeged or Baja? They were both delicious, but without a doubt, I liked the Baja version better. The restaurant we ate at in Baja called Potykacsárda, was easily the best meal I ate in Hungary.

Thanks to Adam ( for taking us around and eating a lot of delicious food. He’s does amazing motion graphics and animation!



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