Ethiopian Kitfo (ክትፎ) – Best RAW BEEF Ethiopian Food!

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Filmed in October 2013, in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

I first need to start off by saying that Ethiopians love to eat, and their food is incredibly delicious. I knew I loved Ethiopian food before I ever visited the country, but when I was there, I was amazed at just how incredible the food was everywhere I ate. Here’s another thing about Ethiopian food, there is plenty of vegetarian food available (…), and many people who follow the Ethiopian Orthodox faith normally fast (this means not eating any animals products on Wednesdays and Fridays, and during lent). That being said, meat is loved in Ethiopia, and one of the most famous and most loved dishes is minced raw beef known as kitfo (ክትፎ).

Now it can be a bold statement to say that a certain food is the most beloved dish of a country, but the only reason I say that is because just about every Ethiopian I know, friends in Kenya, USA, and from watching people in Ethiopia, I really think that it’s one of the dishes that’s most loved by Ethiopians. Kitfo (ክትፎ) is a special food, it’s not something that’s eaten on a daily basis, it’s eaten more during celebrations.

Before going to Ethiopia, I had eaten kitfo (ክትፎ) on numerous occasions at restaurants, so it was a dish I knew I wanted to eat when I was in Addis Ababa. I decided to go to a restaurant known as Yohannes Kitfo – this is a kitfo house, in other words, you come to this restaurant to eat one dish only: kitfo. The restaurant is actually pretty nice, tucked back in the quiet neighborhood and in a nice peaceful place to dine. There are two different methods of kitfo (ክትፎ), the “leb leb” version is slightly cooked, and the other version is served completely raw. I decided to go completely raw in an effort to taste the truest taste of the beef, but the leb leb version might be a little bit of a safer option when it comes to bacteria. But that being said, they use only the freshest meat so that the beef is high quality and excellent to eat raw.

What exactly is Kitfo (ክትፎ)? It’s minced raw beef that’s mixed with a mitmita, a blend of Ethiopian spices, and then some Ethiopian butter known as nitter kibbeh is mixed into the meat. The spices and butter give the minced beef some extreme delicious flavor. The meat is served with injera, the staple, and also some extra pieces of hard bread known as kocho – this was my first ever time to sample this bread made from ensete (similar to a banana) flour. The kitfo (ክትፎ) was served in a bowl, with gomen (collard greens) and a couple of different cheese on the side. I was so excited to dig in for my first bite as soon as it arrived, it was a huge pile of meat! That first bite was absolutely sensational, I could hardly contain how good it actually was! The meat was so well seasoned and it really just melted in my mouth. The kitfo went extremely well with the injera and also the kocho bread.

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