El Quseir el Quadim (Egypt) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel Video about Destination El Quseir el Quadim in Egypt.
When night falls in the Egyptian port of El Quseir El Quadim, its magnificent history is transformed into a captivating nocturnal wonderland when the coral reef becomes a magical thing. A world of fluorescence, a special phenomenon, with artificial light revcaling a mysterious world.In the third century B.C., the Ptolemaic Dynasty’s commercial harbour of Myos Hormos was built and recent excavations have provided archaeologists with some interesting facts. Eight days’ march separated the river Nile, Egypt’s vital lifeline, from the Red Sea and Queen Hatshepsut had five ships built in the north of Thebes that, separated into individual parts, were transported by donkey caravan two hundred kilometres across the desert to the coast. Due to the Queen an ancient trading route was created through the desert between the former royal city of Thebes and El Quseir El Quadim, the Street Of The Gods. Each of the region’s corals is home to a variety of microorganisms that play a fundamental role in the nutrition of the marine fauna, a living world of rare beauty, one of the most beautiful on the planet, transformed by day and by night. The whole area of this former ancient settlement is a splendid place although little remains of the Egyptians, Ptolemies and Romans who once settled in the region. The pharaohs’ port of El Quseir El Quadim is a mystical, natural jewel like no other, a magnificent paradise set within the mysteries of the deep.

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