Eating Banana Flower!! 🍌 Plant Based Thai Food Recipe!!

🎥 Vegan Jungle food in Thailand:

I’m always excited when food that we grow at home is ready to eat, and so I was thrilled when we were ready to harvest and cook a banana blossom (flower) from our yard. #Thailand #vegan #plantbased

Bananas are an amazing tree and fruit. They produce just one stalk of fruit, and actually when you cut off the flower, it increases the size of the fruit. First step, we cut down the banana flower. My Mother in law removed the outer petals of the flower and we only used the inner core white part for this recipe.

Thai plant based (vegan) food recipe: Gaeng Liang (แกงเลียงมังสวิรัติ)

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s very easy and you can make it with any assortment of vegetables, tubers, and leaves, but two most important things are the black pepper and the lemon basil. And in our case the banana flower.

First, pound some shallots with black pepper, a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper. This works well because it releases the flavor of the pepper and the shallot oils and creates a pepper paste. Dissolve this paste into boiling water. Then you start by adding the vegetables that take the longest to cook. Then keep adding vegetables as you go and season with salt. The final step is to toss in a basin of lemon basil, fold it into the soup, and then turn off your heat. You just want to wilt the lemon basil so it remains fragrant.

Again, this vegan Thai food recipe is very simple, but it’s so refreshing, so peppery, and such a good way to make use of a banana flower blossom.

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