Eating All Meals at a 7-Eleven in Singapore

7-Eleven in Singapore is a 24 hours convenience store where you can find affordable and easy to prepare hot meals

7-Eleven food in this video
1. Butter Chicken Briyani with Fragrant Basmati Rice
2. Pokka Cookie & Cream Flavoured Milk
3. Alfredo Pizza Slice 5 Cheese
4. Quaker Apple & Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal
5. Korean Army Stew
7. Chwee Kueh
8. 7-11 Premium Grilled Scallop
9. 7-11 Premium Black Pepper Potato Chip
10. Orange Vanilla Coke
11. Maggi 5-minute Mash Potato with Sour Cream & Croutons
12. Chocolate Lava Cake
13. Paddle Pop Minion Caramel & Chocolate
14. Changable Color Cup


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