Eating a FISHTAIL PALM TREE!! 🌴 Heart of Palm Superfood! | Khao Sok, Thailand

🎥 Vegan Jungle food in Thailand:
🏠 Rungfah Farm:…

Huge thank you to P’You from Rungfah Farm for their amazing hospitality and showing me the amazing resources the jungle provides. Today we headed into the rainforest – but we actually harvested a fishtail palm tree that was on his property within their rubber tree plantation – not in the rainforest.

In order to prepare and harvest a fishtail palm tree, you need to first find a tree that’s not too big but has enough meat on the inside to consume. P’You cut it down, and chopped off the top part. He then sliced down the outer skin to reveal the heart of the palm, the soft inner core of the tree. You can eat it raw too, and it almost has a coconut and bamboo shoot mixed taste and texture. It’s sweet and milky! P’You mentioned to me that it was a favorite elephant food in the jungle.

We went back to Rungfah Farm where P’You and his wife boiled coconut milk and and shallots and simmered the fishtail palm tree hearts in the coconut milk. It was delicious, sweet, crisp, and extremely refreshing. I especially loved the contrast of sweet fishtail palm tree heart with sweet coconut milk and spicy chilies from the farm.

Thank you again to P’You (…) for taking me on this plant based food excursion.

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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