Digging For TACOS!! 🌮 🐐 BBQ PIT to MOUTH Mexican Food in California, USA!

🎥Tijuana Street Food (Part 1):
🙏Thanks to Jeffrey Merrihue:…
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Rancho Sabor ( – Huge thank you to Rancho Sabor – Sandra and Doug – for sharing with us an amazing farm to table Mexican food culinary experience. They cook everything from scratch the traditional way, most ingredients right from their backyard. The location is beautiful and the food is fresh. Don’t miss Sandra’s award winning guacamole! #MexicanFood #California #tacos

The Perfect Taco – What is the perfect taco? That is a serious and extremely challenging question – because there are so many variations and your personality that can affect what is the best taco to you. But Jeffrey Merrihue had an idea that the best taco is the freshest taco. So at Rancho Sabor in California, he arranged to cook a full goat, and have tortillas and salsa made exactly at the same time as pulling the goat out from the underground oven to have the fastest simultaneous taco in the world – or the Perfect Taco.

While it may or may not have been the most perfect taco in the world, one thing is for sure, it was a lot of fun, we hung out with great people, and the food was extraordinary delicious.

Thank you again to Sandra and Doug from Rancho Sabor. They do courses and events about authentic traditional Mexican food and culture at their amazing ranch in Rainbow, California.

Friends in the video:
Sandra Tellez – Rancho Sabor:…
Jeffrey Merrihue:…
Scott Koenig:…
Paco Perez:
Joel Bruner:



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