BKKPE Consular Outreach Registration

The Philippine Embassy will conduct consular outreach programs in:

  • PHUKET ON 8 MARCH 2014, FROM 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Patong Merlin Hotel in Phuket)

Filipinos are encouraged to avail themselves of the consular services during the outreach program.

I am registering for the consular outreach program in:

Important Note: Registration for the Phuket Consular Outreach Program has already been closed. Walk-in applicants may still apply for consular services. Priority will be given to those who pre-registered for the outreach.

“Online registration will be closed forty-eight (48) hours before the start of the consular outreach program.”

 Koh Samui

Your Full Name (e.g. John Garcia)

Contact Number in Thailand

Email Address (Please provide your valid email address)

Consular Service (Please check the service/s you are registering for)
 Renewal of Passport or New Passport Application
 Passport Release
 Legalization of Documents (Red-Ribbon: Acknowledgment, Authentication, Certification)
 Civil Registry (Report of Birth, Marriage, or Death)
 Dual Citizenship
 Embassy ID (Application for Embassy IDs are done online through www.bangkokpe.com)
 I would like to attend the seminars during the consular outreach program (financial learning seminar, consular reforms, community events).

Please enter code without any spaces in between letters.

Important Reminders:

  • Those applying for legalization of documents such as notarization of affidavit of support or letter of invitation or Special Power of Attorney, report of birth/marriage/death, are REQUESTED to send advance copies of your supporting documents (i.e., copy of passport datapage, copy of work visa or work  permit, copy of bank statement, etc.) to the Embassy via or email address (bkkpe.consular@gmail.com).  This will enable the Embassy to pre-process your documents and SIMPLY release them to you, together with your payment receipt, when the consular service starts.
  • Interested clients are required to pre-register by registering online through www.bangkokpe.com/consular-outreach-registration.
  • There is no entrance or registration fee to attend the consular outreach program. Fees shall only be collected for actual consular services rendered.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address two to three days before the consular outreach.
  • Walk-in clients will only be accommodated after all pre-registered applications have been processed.
  • Online registration will be closed forty-eight (48) hours before the start of the consular outreach program.
  • For complete information on consular requirements, please visit www.bangkokpe.com/consular.

Services to be offered:

  • Passports (application for new, and renewal of expiring, passports and replacement of lost or damaged passports);
  • Legalization of documents, including reports of civil registry documents such as reports of birth, marriage, and death;
  • Processing of applications for dual citizenship;
  • Issuance of Embassy IDs.

Instructions for those who will be applying for passport:

  • Those who will be applying for passports are requested to bring their original, and a photocopy of the data-page of their, passports.
  • Those applying to replace a lost passport are requested to bring a police report with English translation.
  • Lost passport applicants will also be asked to execute an affidavit of loss.

For reports of birth, marriage, or death:

  • For reports of birth, marriage, or death, please make sure that the birth or marriage or death certificate issued by the Thai authorities is translated into English and authenticated by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For Filipino Registration IDs:

  • Those applying for Filipino registration IDs are requested to apply online through the Embassy website: (http://www.bangkokpe.com/consular/register/).
  • Please bring one (1) (1×1) ID photo and your valid passport when claiming your IDs.

Community Dialogue/ Financial Learning and Emergency Preparedness Seminars:

  • From 9:00 am to 11:00 am during the outreach program, there will be a dialogue between the consular team and the Filipino community.  Members of the community are encouraged to ask questions or seek clarification on their consular and other related concerns during the dialogue.
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