Canal de Tortuguero (Costa Rica) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about Canal de Tortuguero.
The starting point of our journey is the harbour city of Puerto Limón, the only important city on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, in Central America. It is a vibrant place surrounded by lush tropical landscape that makes the whole of this coastal section somewhat uninhabitable. The town’s origins date back to the early colonial period. Indeed, Christopher Columbus and his son set anchor here in 1502. The boat journey through the watery maze of the Tortuguero Canal begins slowly in order to accustom the passengers to the sight of impenetrable jungle. A large Rust Belly Guan hops from branch to branch. Its plumage is soaking wet and drips with every movement. At first, the canal travels through a partly inhabited coastal area with small wooden huts and tiny boats. The Parque Nacional Tortugero measures a hundred and ninety square kilometres and extends into the sea. No one is allowed to settle within the park and the animals seem to know this: a green heron sits among the leaves and spots some playful Capuchin Monkeys. We stay at a safe distance from the bright red Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, a tree-climbing frog that can inject toxic substances into the skin. The indigenous Indians once used its secretions for their arrows. The Laguna Lodge is one of the most comfortable of the region and an oasis amid the wilderness. Its souvenir area is designed like a shell and contains the work of local artists including clothing, masks and wood carvings. The Tortuguero Canal: a natural world whose beauty is like an exotic paradise!

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