Buko Shake in a Bottle with Costing | Buko Shake Food Cart Negosyo

Buko shake in a bottle recipe.
Have you ever wondered why buko shake food cart business became so successful here in the Philippines? Have you ever wondered how profitable this business is?
Then let’s find out!

Yield: 500 ml
Ingredients and Prices
For Sugar Syrup
Yield: 1 1/2 cup
250g White Sugar = ₱ 13.75
1 cup Water
Price per tbsp = ₱ 0.57

50g Buko Meat = ₱ 9
3 tbsp Evaporated Milk = ₱ 3
1/4 cup Water
6 Tbsp Sugar Syrup = ₱ 3.42
1 1/4 cup Crushed Ice = ₱ 1.5

Total Ingredient Cost = ₱ 16.92/500ml
Selling Price = ₱ 40 pesos
Food Cost Percentage = 42%

Food Cost Percentage = (Ingredient Cost/Selling Price) x 100

Plastic Bottles
500 ml = ₱ 4 per pc
320 ml = ₱ 3 per pc
Straw = ₱ 0.2 per pc

Important Business Notes!
In actual operation you also have other expenses such as manpower,
gas, water, electricity and other overhead expense. But for food cart
type of business this usually take only about 20% to 30% of the gross sale.
You still have 32% to 42% percent net profit! That’s huge! Right?

Most of the ingredients prices are based in retail prices if your business is
beginning to grow and you can afford to buy ingredients in bulk purchases
this will help to lower your food cost. The lower the food cost the higher the profit!

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