Authentic Hmong Food – Organic + Plant Based Meal in the Mountains!! | Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Mon Jam (ม่อนแจ่ม) is a beauty mountain village in the Chiang Mai province of Thailand, just about a 1 hour drive from Chiang Mai city. It’s a predominantly Hmong village, and they are known for their amazing terrace farming up the side of the steep mountains. #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #HmongFood

We spent a night in Mon Jam at Ozone House (บ้านโอโซน ม่อนแจ่ม), and the owners of our hotel were so nice and friendly. They kindly cooked us a local Hmong meal, which was completely plant based / vegan and and every day style meal. It was delicious!

First we went to pick some ingredients from the garden – string beans, pumpkin shoots, chilies, and a type of Hmong coriander – I think it was a wild coriander, I’m not totally sure? Hmong food is known for being simple, but fresh and from the land. And that’s exactly what this meal was – it mainly consisted of a variety of boiled and sautéed vegetable soups, one plain, and one flavored with a good amount of black pepper. The freshness and natural taste of the vegetables is what stood out.

But my favorite part of this Hmong food meal was without a doubt a very simple, and extremely tasty chili sauce Aunty made with wild coriander, fresh chilies, and salt. It was so simple, and so extremely good!

Thank you again to the amazing family from Ozone House – Mon Jam (บ้านโอโซน ม่อนแจ่ม): for cooking this amazing meal for me!

Thank you for watching and hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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