Amazing SNAKE FRUIT SALAD in the Jungle! | Organic Food Paradise! | Phatthalung (พัทลุง), Thailand

🌱 บ้านต้นไม้ ร้อยหวันนอนฟังสายน้ำ –
🎥 Eating a Fishtail Palm Tree:

Phatthalung (พัทลุง), Thailand – I was so excited to be in Phatthalung (พัทลุง), a province in southern Thailand known for its rainforest, and preservation of Thai food and culture. One of the highlights was visiting and staying at บ้านต้นไม้ ร้อยหวันนอนฟังสายน้ำ – a homestay lodge in the middle of the rainforest that focuses on nature, tree houses, the river, and organic local food. #Phatthalung #Thailand #plantbased

During our stay, we went walking and foraging for some ingredients around the lodge, and picked some melinjo leaves, a type of leaf that tasted like long beans, wild fern, and snake fruit. They made a salad, but not just any salad, it was one of the greatest combinations of wild jungle ingredients including Rakam (ระกำ), a type of salacca palm fruit, torch ginger flower, and Arenga pinnata palm fruit, which in Thai is called luk chok (ลูกชก). The mix of ingredients was incredible, everything balanced and fit together in harmony. But of all the ingredients, nothing impressed me more than the snake fruit (rakam ระกำ) making the perfect sour and sweet dressing for the salad.

We also had some other organic fruits and vegetables, including a stunning local durian!

Huge thank you to บ้านต้นไม้ ร้อยหวันนอนฟังสายน้ำ – and their amazing hospitality!



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