Amazing 5 Color Rice!! 🌾 THAI VEGETARIAN FOOD at Meena (มีนา มีข้าว) | Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Meena Rice Based Cuisine (มีนา มีข้าว) – – This restaurant specializes in the best quality, whole grain, and colorful Thai rice! But they also have a full menu of delicious Thai food, both plant based (vegetarian and vegan) and non-vegetarian. We decided to try their Thai vegetarian dishes, and it was an amazing meal!

But first, one of the best things about Meena Rice Based Cuisine (มีนา มีข้าว) restaurant in Chiang Mai is the atmosphere and location of the restaurant. You arrive, and can choose to walk through the jungle or along the bamboo bridge to get to the entrance of the restaurant. Then you enter the restaurant, which is a series of old wooden rice grain storage buildings within a series of gardens and ponds. The setting could not get better.

Here’s everything we ordered:

Riceberry herbal drink
Bengal currant, karanda

Gymnema inodorum (ผักเชียงดา) leaves
Mushroom “khua kling”
Actually, galangal flowers
Vegetarian “tom saeb”
Laab tofu

Total price – 670 THB ($21.53) for all the food, excluding drinks

The food at Meena Rice Based Cuisine (มีนา มีข้าว) is delicious. Sometimes Thai food that’s decorated with a lot of flowers and garnishing lacks in flavor, but the food here was packed with flavor, full of herbs and natural vegetables, and blooming with spices and flavor. I loved the fully plant based Thai food, and the atmosphere to go with it. Highly recommended when you are in Chiang Mai.

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